Most of my family and friends are members of the LDS/Mormon church.  I'm curious what you/they think about what NewNameNoah is doing?  Is what Mike, AKA NewNameNoah, is doing beneficial?  

Growing up Mormon I was totally blindsided when I went through the Salt Lake Temple for the first time in 1990.  I remember sitting there thinking that I had entered into an alternate reality that I had never experienced before!  Interestingly enough my parents who took me through the session expressed concern that the ceremony had been changed.  When I asked my father what had changed he told me it was too sacred to discuss.  It wasn't until years later that I learned that the "penalties" had been removed mere months before I went through the temple.  

I had been taught my entire Mormon life that secret combinations were wrong yet in the SLC temple I was indeed learning secret combinations!  Not only that I learned secret handshakes, tokens and I promised to give everything I own or would ever own to the LDS/Mormon church.

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