Trust me, from the inside it looks just as ridiculous.  I can say without a doubt that I do NOT miss wearing that costume, wasting HOURS of my life watching the same damn movie OVER and OVER.  Pledging everything I have or will have to the LDS/Mormon church to a tape recorded voice of an unaccredited voice actor!  Not to mention the "zipper head" you get from wearing an elastic bakers hat for over an hour!

The endowment ceremony COULD be DONE in about 5 minutes!  Why on earth do Mormons subject themselves to this complete and utter BS?  

If Mormons really wanted to do things for the dead the "Endowment" session should be like Baptisms for the dead!  You get awkward teens in see through clothes and dunk them 30 times in 15 minutes!  That right there is efficiency!  I don't see any reason members should sit for 1+ hours watching the same damn movie over and over again.  What IS THE POINT?

What is your reward for this?  You get to spend about 10 minutes in the "Celestial room".  I'm fairly Trump would classify it as a "dump" because it doesn't have enough gold for him.  

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