2015 New Era Article "Preparing for the Endowment"

I just did a google search of the definition of "Endowment".

Before I get into this subject, I want to say that from my 16 year old self being told I'd go to the temple to "RECEIVE" my endowments...having never gone and done it as opposed to what actually happens there...the realities are quite shocking.

noun: endowment

The action of endowing something or someone.
synonyms: funding, financing, subsidizing; More establishment, foundation, institution
*an income or form of property given or bequeathed to someone.
plural noun: endowments
synonyms: bequest, legacy, inheritance;
gift, present, grant, award, donation, contribution, subsidy, settlement;
*a quality or ability possessed or inherited by someone.
plural noun: endowments
synonyms: quality, characteristic, feature, attribute, facility, faculty, ability, talent, gift, strength, aptitude, capability, capacity
"his natural endowments"

When I was a teen I thought that by going to the temple "I" would be receiving something...more than just a blessing from god. I thought I had that from my baptism. I thought "I" would be receiving something tangible...something that I had earned through "righteous living" as a teen and forgoing thinking about the world and college, military etc. I knew the church wanted me to be a stay at home wife and mother and I knew I couldn't pay for that and I thought the church through this mystical, magical "endowment" was going to "open the bank accounts of heaven and pour me out a blessing". Seriously...who would expect an ignorant 18 year old to get pregnant and start to raise multiple children in poverty? I mean really?

So, I go to the temple before my mission and was SHOCKED...to this day SHOCKED...that all that happened was the CHURCH expected "ME" to give an endowment to THEM!!! They wanted MY time, they wanted MY talents, they wanted MY life, they wanted MY sacrifice, they wanted MY body covered in THEIR underwear, they wanted MY name erased and gave me THEIR new name, they wanted MY silence, they wanted MY chastity, they wanted my suffering and consecration, MY obedience, MY tithing and offerings while "I" got nothing but very real handcuffs over my mind and wrists.

If you really take the time to read the above definition, you'll see that the "endowment" is the church stealing YOUR life FROM YOU to give THEM YOUR endowment of YOUR money, YOUR children, YOUR time and YOUR talents and YOU...are left an empty, hating, resentful shell.

Why? Because it has made them RICH and comfortable beyond their wildest imaginations.
In my mind the only reason they hate gay marriage is because now their tax exempt status is under threat and it puts into question all this FREE money, time, future tithe payers etc.

If you really look at what the church is...it is a soul/cash sucking organism that will kill you in the end if you don't lance it out.

My mother has been gone a week now. They got rid of her clothes and effects the day after she died. They would not allow a viewing before the funeral because she didn't look good enough.

They didn't record the funeral for me or anyone else because they didn't think it would be good enough...although apparently it was very nice. Women....you are good for nothing in this church...but breeding and brainwashing YOUR children into the cult. When you die...fuck you.

Keep your own endowments and feed yourself and those you love.

P.S. Get your kids out of the YW/YM's program.

- Shared with permission from one of my Facebook Friends

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