Don't forget cleaning the toilets of a multi-billion dollar corporation masquerading as a religion that you pay 10% of your income to. Think about all the people in your ward and if they all paid their tithing every year? How much money would that be? From my calculations per ward it should be about $250,000 and you have 3+ wards meeting each Sunday obviously more or less depending on the ward. So nearly a million dollars for every ward building per year. And for some reason they can't even afford a part time custodian?
My Father in law was a part time custodian for the Mormon⁄LDS church and they fired him because they are such cheapskates when they learned that they could get the members to almost barely do the hard work he did for FREE. The last time I was in a Mormon⁄LDS ward house the restrooms were gross because, surprise members are overworked with stupid useless time wasting callings and are too busy with the church to want to come and vacuum the chapel on their day off.
Also wanting to sin is a perfectly legitimate reason for wanting to leave the Mormon church, although as you state that IS NOT the reason 99% of ExMormons leave.
I left because Joseph Smith demonstrated that he couldn't translate anything and was proven to be a fraud over and over and over again! Have you looked up the Kinderhook plates? The church didn't admit they were a fraud until the 1980's!
If you are interested in what I've discovered and why the LDS⁄Mormon church LOST me then check out my docs about it.⁄document⁄d⁄1P-n66By07LU8Z_5qnfp1qCWOpq62fZ9kB33KV6fi4Ls
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