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Mike Norton's Post:
Within the past seven days, the LDS Church, the faith I was born and raised in (and later left) has shown pictures of their "sacred, not secret" temple robes to the general public for the very first time in their 180+ year history.
They have also publicly admitted that their founder, Joseph Smith, married 14 year old girls AND other men's wives, often without the knowledge or consent of his first (and only legal) wife, Emma.
I say BRAVO to them for starting to be more honest about the moral deficiencies and criminal behavior of their beloved founder, Joseph Smith.
As a small token of my appreciation, here's a link (and screenshot) to a slightly improved version of the video they posted online last week that discussed (and showed) their "sacred, not secret" temple robes and special (NOT magic) underwear. This link should take the viewer directly to the part of the video that was improved: http:⁄⁄⁄NOTmagicunderwear
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