10 Beliefs that Mormons would think insane if you phrased them in a way that they weren't conditioned to accept.

Here are some points that Mormons would reject up until you word them in a way that they've been conditioned to accept. This is the power of indoctrination.

1. A man on another planet can hear your thoughts.

2. Murder for theft is okay so long as you feel God told you to do it.

3. Ghosts not only exist, but an invisible casper the ghost is following everyone around at the same time.

4. Science is always wrong when it disagrees with someone's religion.

5. The best thing a young, college-age male can do is isolate themselves from family and friends, abhor all physical contact of the opposite sex, devoid themselves of all forms of entertainment, and restrict their inputs to 8 books supporting their current position. They are then to work about 95 hours a week, for two years straight, without vacation and minimal sick days pushing this position on anyone who will listen. They receive no compensation and they or their families will pay for the privilege.

6. The best thing a woman can ever achieve is to provide children for her husband for as long as she exists. These children will be forbidden from talking directly to her. Instead, they are to communicate through her husband's favorite son, who talks to her husband. Only the most studious will know her name, but they're forbidden from praising it.

7. It was okay for a 30-40 something male to secretly sleep with 14 year old girls, servants, adopted charges, or other men's wives. The same goes for 50-60 year old males to marry multiple teens and 20 somethings. In the case of divorce, such as for neglect, he should only have to pay a $25 fine as they weren't legally married.

8. One of the best ways to accept an unjustified belief is to continuously tell people that you know the belief or it's founders are correct until you actually believe it. Other lies are acceptable so long as they help the organization profiting off that belief.

9. You should agree to contracts before you know what the contract says. You should keep your word when you find out that you agreed to give away everything you have or ever will have for unverifiable promises of rewards after you die. You should also keep promises you made when you were 8 years old for the rest of your life.

10. Refuse to listen to anything or anyone telling you the religion is wrong, especially if they have evidence to support their claims. Instead, tell them that you know it's right and leave.

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