The "Beehive" State??
Have you ever really did your homework on why it's called the "Beehive State"? It's interesting and makes sense.
A " Beehive" Explained
The symbol is a very ancient one, representing the working lodge. Seven bees are usually seen flying around the hive, seven being the number to make a perfect lodge. The bee was used as a symbol in ancient Egypt, and the beehive symbol dates back to at least ancient Rome. The beehive as a symbol was adopted by many Friendly Societies, Trade Unions and insurance companies, the hive representing Beehive industry and the bees the workers.
Bee Hieroglyph “A bee has in all Ages and Nations been the Grand Hieroglyphic of Masonry, because it excels all other living Creatures in the Contrivance and Commodiousness of its Habitation or comb; … nay Masonry or Building seems to be of the very Essence or Nature of the Bee, for her Building not the ordinary Way of all other living Creatures, is the Generative Cause which produces the Young ones….”
“For this Reason the Kings of France both Pagans and Christians, always Eminent Free-Masons, carried three Bees for their Arms…”
“What Modern Masons call a Lodge was for the above Reasons by Antiquity called a HIVE of Free-Masons, and for the same Reasons when a Dissension happens in a Lodge the going off and forming another Lodge is to this Day called SWARMING.”
Some might see in the Beehive a model of the Masonic fraternity. Each bee has a symbiotic relation with all the others, and as a whole they support each other and, thereby, the HIVE
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