What qualifies one for being a General Authority in the LDS/Mormon Church?

Not one of them has a degree in Theology.
Not one of them has studied other religions.
Not one has graduated from a real Seminary or Minister School.
Not one has been educated in philosophy,
Nor psychology,
Nor history,
Nor cultural anthropology,
Nor the Bible.
Not even a BS in Family Relations,
Or child development,
Or social work,
Or counseling.
None are English majors, Writers, or Communications graduates.

So, What qualifies them to be Mormon General Authorities?

Business expertise
Reading the BOM, D&C, PoGP 20 times.
Reading nothing else except Mormon writing.
Repeating the same, repetitive, brainwashing drivel over and over.
Learning to be a confident (not good) public speaker.
Learning the Mospeak and the condescending tone.
Praying, paying, obeying.
Not being too outstanding or scholarly in the field of religion. Too much information is dangerous.

I can't believe I once listened to those unqualified buffoons, and paid attention to the lies they quoted, and heeded their bad advice.

What a fool I was

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