I'm not Anti-Mormon - I'm Pro-Truth.
I know the full history of the church - a history the current leadership did not want me to know.
When I asked for more details - I was denied, told I was looking beyond the mark, kicking against the pricks or told to put my questions on the shelf and obey.
I was promised that if I became a Mormon I would no longer thirst at the well of knowledge - that I'd be fully quenched.
But what I found was an empty, dry well - so I went in search of knowledge. What I found ripped the entire fabric of Mormonism apart. The image that I was sold was not the truth.
I was lied to - carefully spoon fed a carefully correlated tapestry of fiction - and now I knew the truth. And for proclaiming the truth - I was called an Anti-Mormon. - Infymus
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