"A global, 16 million-member church" Whoa!  That number only sounds impressive to other Mormons.  That's only less than .02% of the worlds population!  Mormons are really making a difference!  

According the church itself only 1/3 of those "16 million-members" attend regularly or even pay tithing.  The church's reported membership as of December 31, 2016 was 15,882,417 so not quite the 16m you stated. The growth of 1.59% in 2016 is the lowest percentage growth since 1937!  So, that shows that the LDS/Mormon "church" is not the fastest growing religion in the world.  In fact more Muslims are born daily than people are converted to the LDS/Mormon "church".  

You should examine your church more closely.  Look at the charitiable contributions of the LDS/Mormon "church" and tell me why the LDS/Mormon "church" isn't listed on ANY charity list whatsoever anywhere.  

So if the estimates that the LDS/Mormon Church takes in about 7 billion per year are accurate, the Church spends just over half of one percent of what it takes in on humanitarian efforts.  Wow that's about $8 per active member!  Pretty generous I'd say.

For comparison Target gives 5% gross annually.  That's a red flag for the LDS/Mormon "church"h if there ever was one.

I was a Mormon for over 40 years and I paid tens of thousands of dollars in tithing.. But you and I both know that Tithing is NOT used for humanitarian aid right?  That's what "Fast Offerings" are for.  Also LDS Philantropies helps in huminatarian aid, but then again LDS Philantropies also is NOT listed in any charitible index period.  

If you take a closer look you'd discover that the LDS/Mormon "church" isn't really a church at all!  

It's a corporation that you give money to that barely benefits you personally.  It's a ponzi scheme made up by a "Profit" and that's exactly what it has done, promise blessings for money and you don't get your reward until after you're dead.

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