When I was young the LDS⁄Mormon church was much different.
We had road shows, sports, and things that young people would want to come and participate in. We didn't have chapel toilet cleaning assignments!
We came to the chapel to enjoy activities! I have fond memories of doing Boy Scout things like the Pinewood Derby! (I totally should have won but there was a bit of wax on one of my wheels) anyway I enjoyed it. I did win the Rain gutter Regatta® though.
The LDS⁄Mormon church now makes it a burden to be a member. There is absolutely NO joy in being a Mormon.
When you are asked to meet with the Bishop.. you know it's some weird calling that he's came up out of desperation.
So In SHORT: The Mormon⁄LDS church have LOST the youth because they are out of touch, idiotic, and stupid. And they are too ignorant in the Internet age that when they doing "worthiness" interviews that they don't think those kids will immediately look on GOOGLE and look up what what their Bishop asked?
Holy Shit! My Bishop asked me about Masturbation when I was 14. My response was, "well I've got to wash it". It was 2 more years before I realized what was really going on!..
Boyd K. Packer's "Little Factory" conference talk
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