So... Elder Dodson reached out to me on one of my FB pages recently and attempted to reconvert me back to the LDS/Mormon church... This is my last message to Elder Dodson:

I already sent you a very comprehensive pdf listing SOME of the reasons the Church isn't true.  Until the LDS/Mormon church stops hemorrhaging members then my work will be never finished.  I'm not leading anyone astray, they are joining my ExMormon groups in record numbers on their own!  I'd say at least 1/2 of them still attend church and are faking belief to keep their families happy, at least that's what they are telling me.  Lots of them have used to get their records off the church records for FREE!  A lawyer here in Utah has processed 10's of thousands of requests.  

I run or manage over 12 different ExMo/ExJW groups on FB.

I run the largest ExMormon group on Facebook.  In the last 28 days we've had 413 people join just that group!  I admin this group with a few other part time admins and I can barely keep up with the flood of Apostates.  The group has nearly 75,000 members.  Interestingly enough has just over 5,000 members and the group has just over 6,000 members... that was NOT a typo BTW.  The ExMormon subreddit is far out weighing the believing groups.  And since reddit is the 4th largest site on the Internet that should speak volumes to you.

WE ARE NOT ADVERTISING EITHER!  These are people who are searching for support after the Mormon/LDS church has failed them in one way or another.  

I've personally helped troubled missionaries through reddit to escape from their missions because of one reason or another.  

Remember, you are a LEGAL ADULT, you are there being a salesman for Mormonism on your own dime.  Meanwhile the LDS/Mormon church is building $3 billion malls, 7 new temples were announced in General Conference (yes I watched it) and you may not have heard the young woman yell out "stop protecting sexual predators" 3x during General Conference because you may not have watched it live like I did.  

Your tithing money is being spent to pay the legal costs of sexual predators like Joseph L. Bishop who recently confessed to raping a Sister Missionary in the MTC back in 1984 while he was the MISSION PRESIDENT of the MTC.  She has since filed a lawsuit against the LDS/Mormon church and Joseph L. Bishop.

I can read your mind... you are thinking "but the church is 'perfect' it's the members who aren't".  Bullshit!  Sexual abuse in this church goes all the way back to Joseph Smith, who I'm sure you know by now he had at least 40 "wives".... I can read your mind again!  "but he didn't have sex with this plural wives"... LOL, there are sworn court affidavits where some of his wives swore under oath that he did indeed have sex with his "wives" here's ONE example of many...

Emily D. Partridge (Smith Young) said she "roomed" with Joseph the night following her marriage to him and said that she had "carnal intercourse" with him. (Temple Lot case (complete transcript), 364, 367, 384; see Foster, Religion and Sexuality, 15.)

And does the belief that Joseph Smith supposedly did not have sex with his plural wives when it is blatantly apparent that Brigham Young and other "Prophets" up until 1910 did make it somehow better?  

The Book of Mormon says polygamy is wrong in:
Jacob 2:24
Behold, David and Solomon truly had many wives and concubines, which thing was abominable before me, saith the Lord.

If the Book of Mormon is the foundation of your religion then why would you need the D&C or the PofGP?

Can you point out ONE single "revelation" that any prophet has had since 1978 when the Negros finally were granted the Priesthood?  Even that wasn't a "revelation" it was a "policy" change and even that only came because President Jimmy Carter threatened the tax exempt status of the church!  

Nothing changes in this church except by legal threat.  Well except "ministering" you remember that from General Conference the HUGE STUPENDOUS ANNOUNCEMENT was that they changed Visiting Teaching and Home Teaching to "Ministering".  Great now it sounds more the Jehovah's witnesses... Interestingly enough did you know the Seventh-day Adventist world church has more members than the LDS/Mormon church does?  They have nearly 20 million members!  I was shocked too, when I googled that.  So much for the growth claims of the LDS/Mormon church! (I keep typing it out like this so you don't get confused on which "church" I'm typing about)

I have written my own documents about how the church lost me, but I won't even bother sharing the link until you at least read the CES Letter.  

Needless to say I've just typed all this up and wasted nearly an hour of my time so that hopefully you will never utter the words again, "they left because they were offended".  

I was "offended" by the many different accounts of the "First Vision".

I was "offended" by the sexual abuse that occured in my own LDS/Mormon family

I was "offended" by the church hiding that Joseph Smith did indeed use a seer stone in a hat to "translate the Book of Mormon. (WTAF!)

I was "offended" by the treatment of Mormon women.

I was "offended" that after years and years of being denied caffinated drinks it took Mormon NewsRoom to announce back in 2015 that the Word of Wisdom only pertains to Coffee and Tea.. but not herbal tea, it's ok because reasons.  And just  few months back it was annouced that caffinated softdrinks will be allowed at selected BYU campuses!

I was "offended" when the LDS/Mormon church decided back in 2005 to fire my Father in Law, a church custodian for over 35 years because they realized that the members are a bunch of doe eyed idiots who will follow the "Prophet" off a cliff.  Coincentally that firing came less than a year after the Church lost a huge lawsuit over their "Beneficial Life" corporation and it went out of business.  

I was "offended" by the fact that Emma Smith didn't follow Brigham Young to SLC and instead chose to follow the true branch of Mormonis.

I was "offended" by the fact that Mormons seem to hate Warren Jeffs, the leader of the FLDS church when Joseph Smith did the exact same things.  The FLDS church is more in line with early Mormon beliefs than the current mainstream Mormon church is today.

I was "offended" by the church's response to the recent march about asking children as young as 8 years old about chasity alone with a grown Bishop behind closed doors ALONE.  The church even told the marchers "do not touch the Church Office Building, or its support stuctures".  I took both of my children on Sunday and we touched that building in the most non-consentual ways we could think of.

You might be offended that I'm going to post this RANT public in all my groups.  But hey what do you do?  I'm sure there are plenty of "Elder Dodson"s" out there right?

Good Night Elder

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