We really should take a minute and thank the Mormon⁄LDS church for its part in the Equal Rights decision by the Supreme Court. 
If the Mormons hadn't spent the money trying to pass Prop 8, in California it would have never gone to federal court and been overturned, which then directly led to a federal court overturning same-sex marriage in Utah and now all 50 states.
So all that time and money the Mormons put into attempting overturn same-sex marriage has now made it the law of the land. I find that kind of ironic don't you?
Well, I would rather have God tell me that I was too compassionate to my fellow human beings than have him tell me that I incorrectly justified my bigotry in His name. The first is forgivable, the second is damnable. That you are so willing to risk eternal damnation to pursue your bigotry is commendable, though.
What Mormons really mean when they say that gay marriage impacts their rights.
As we all know, Mormons like to give new definitions (or at least unique definitions) to words. Elders are young, Jews are gentiles, etc.
However, when you hear a Mormon say that the LGBT community is attacking their rights as heterosexuals, through gaining the legal right to get married they really aren't talking about their rights.
What they are really saying is "Gay marriage is attacking the privilege that feel by being able to get married."
You see, privileges allow people to feel a sense of superiority. That is to say, if I have the privilege of owning an Mercedes and others can only afford a Ford, then I am superior. If Mercedes all of a sudden cost the same as a Ford, then I would lose that sense of privilege and superiority.
I have heard some Mormons say "Well, I believe that gays should be legally protected by having civil unions, but they shouldn't call it marriage." Which is no different than saying, "I think gays should have the right to drive a Toyota but just not a BMW".
You see, it is about feeling superior by creating the privileged "haves" and the unprivileged "have-not's".
So the next time a Mormon says that their rights as a married heterosexual are under attack as gays and lesbians gain the right to be married ... call them on it and tell them they are using the wrong words to describe their feelings.
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