Did you know that Emma Smith (yes, that Emma Smith) desired to practice "Spiritual Husbandry"?  She was apparently very jealous that her husband Joseph Smith was getting all that tail by practicing "Spiritual Wifery"

William Clayton, Joseph Smith's personal secretary, recorded a conversation in his journal on June 23, 1843 that Joseph Smith had with his wife: "He [Joseph Smith] knew she [Emma] was disposed to be revenged on him [Smith] for some things. She [Emma] thought that if he [Joseph] would indulge himself she [Emma] would too."17 Joseph Jackson supported William Clayton's private entry. Jackson said that Joseph told him: "Emma wanted [William] Law for a spiritual husband, and she urged as a reason that as he had so many spiritual wives, she thought it but fair that she should at least have one man ... and that she wanted Law, because he was such a 'sweet little man.'"18

17 Claytons Secret Writings Uncovered, 108.
18 Jackson, Narrative of the Adventures, 20.

Is it any wonder why William Law would ultimately write the Nauvoo Expositor that exposed Joseph Smith for the liar and deceiver he was?  Joseph's reaction and destruction of the printing press that it was printed on lead directly to his demise.  

I find it ironic that printing about Joseph Smith's polygamy in 1844 was tantamount to apostasy, however in 2015 the LDS church can make the exact same claims and no one bats an eye.

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