A Doctor too shy to Castrate the Prophet
The mob smashed their way into the Johnson home on the night of March 24, 1832 and dragged Joseph from the trundle bed where he had fallen asleep while watching one of the twins. They stripped him, scratched and beat him with savage pleasure, and smeared his bleeding body with tar from head to foot. Ripping a pillow into shreds, they plastered him with feathers. It is said that Eli Johnson demanded that the prophet be castrated, for he suspected Joseph of being too intimate with his sister, Nancy Marinda Johnson, 16 years old. . But the doctor who had been persuaded to join the mob declined the responsibility at the last moment…Some of the mob were disaffected church members upset over financial dealings. At the time, Joseph and his family were living with the Johnsons. Nancy Johnson may well have been Joseph's first plural wife. She later married Orson Hyde and while he was on a mission to the holy land Joseph had Nancy sealed to him in Nauvoo.
https:⁄⁄blog.mrm.org⁄2006⁄03⁄tarred-feathered⁄ is a reference.
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