"Reformed Egyptian" is impossible and here's why:
So let me get this straight a bunch of Jews who were enslaved in Egypt THEN modified the language of their captors and THEN Nephi cut off some guys head to play dress up to steal some brass plates (which apparently weren't written in "reformed egyptian" but "abridged" later.  What happened to the "brass plates"?  Also according to the book of Mormon Nephi took Laban's servant... Nephi had a slave, let that sink in. 
First of all the "exodus" never happened.  Egyption records show clearly that they never enslaved the Jews at all.  Therefore the Jews knew nothing of the Egyptian language.
Second the Jews would have been too proud to use the language of their captors even if they had been slaves which has been thoroughly debunked.
Third apparenly Nephi built a ship to sail across the ocean to an unknown continent by himself without any carpenter skills.. Then we they landed they became "Christians" 800 years before "Jesus" was even born. 
I'm not sure what drugs Joseph Smith was using but I'd like to try them.
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