The Book of Mormon in a Nutshell

"And Verily i say it came unto pass that verily it came to pass, that I, having verily seen these things had came to pass, did verily testify that verily these things had came to past, even so that verily, i being of good heart, verily did witness these things coming to pass that even i, Nephi, witnessed these things come to pass, that verily it came to pass, that i, beheld before the lord that it came to pass, that a reddit comment was typed, and verily i bestow upon you, now that it has came to pass.. that ..... verily, even i say unto you, after the 1000th page, that verily.... 1000 more pages later it verily had came to pass, that i Gaston had finished reading this book and all the jewish people who were good turned into black people and all the ok ones turned into native americans and then all the good ones got turned into beautiful white and delightsome people that got mugged in an alleyway and eaten by all the evil black and red people who were evil because they were cursed to be black because they were evil, oh deary no, we didn't say that black people were cursed to be that way because they were evil but we believe that if you do good things before the lord, they can be white and delightsome people too, we're totally not racist at all or prejudced, just look at how good we are at not telling all those f____s we're going to burn them in hell anymore just for existing and all those nasty black people or people who don't wear our sacred club underwear which is OUR RELIGIOUS BELIEF DARNIT that is definitely simultaneously a Schrodinger's belief that's both an ANTI LIE that never existed to everyone below 20 years old, and HOW SACRED HOW DARE YOU to everyone over 20!"

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