Here's a bit of Mormon WTFness for the evening! 
"Of course, Mr. Sullivan is correct. Not only do we know about the existence of people on other worlds; Latter-day Saints know also that people from other worlds visit the earth! Earth has been receiving visitors from outer space for years, and these visitors have been leaving highly intelligent messages for our benefit."
I'd love to learn what "highly intelligent messages" the aliens have been leaving!
PROOF!  That Mormons believe in Aliens!  This excerpt is from the current "Endowment Ceremony" that is performed 1000's of times everyday in Mormon Temples:
ELOHIM: Jehovah, Michael, see--yonder is matter unorganized. Go ye down and organize it into a world like unto the other worlds that we have heretofore formed. Call your labors the first day, and bring me word.
JEHOVAH: It shall be done, Elohim. Come, Michael, let us go down.
MICHAEL: We will go down, Jehovah.
JEHOVAH: Michael, see--here is matter unorganized. We will organize it into a world like unto other worlds that we have heretofore formed. We will call our labors the first day, and return and report.
MICHAEL: We will return and report our labors of the first day, Jehovah.
JEHOVAH: Elohim, we have done as thou hast commanded and have called our labors the first day.
ELOHIM: It is well.
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