Could Joseph Smith Have Written The Book of Mormon?
People often state that Joseph Smith wasn't educated⁄smart enough to write the Book of Mormon in the short time that he did.  I counter that he was educated enough and had a very broad imagination coupled with many years of story telling about the very subject matter of the Book of Mormon it was trivial for Joseph to write the Book of Mormon.
Lucy Mack Smith (Joseph’s Mother)
“During our evening conversations, Joseph would occasionally give us some of the most amusing recitals that could be imagined. He would describe the ancient inhabitants of this continent, their dress, mode of travelings, and the animals upon which they rode; their cities, their buildings, with every particular; their mode of warfare; and also their religious worship. This he would do with as much ease, seemingly, as if he had spent his whole life among them.” (Biographical Sketches of Joseph Smith The Prophet, Lucy Mack Smith).
"I have an old edition of the New Testament in the Hebrew, Latin, German, and Greek languages. I have been reading the German, and find it to be the most correct translation, and to correspond nearest to the revelations which God has given to me for the last fourteen years. It tells about Jachoboy, the son of Zebedee. It means Jacob. In the English New Testament it is translated James. Now, if Jacob had the keys, you might talk about James through all eternity, and never get the keys. In the 21st verse of the fourth chapter of Matthew, my old German edition gives the word Jacob instead of James." (Joseph Smith - JD 6:5)
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