Realizing how easily the Mormon church manipulated people through “faith” made me realize that I’m a huge proponent that facts⁄truth is better than feelings⁄faith.
Medicine is better than faith healing
Science is better than the Bible
Facts are better than conspiracies
I’m skeptical of anything that uses feelings to justify itself.
“I feel like vaccines cause autism”
“You don’t need a carseat if you have faith in God”
“I feel like GMOs are bad”
“Read the Book of Mormon and pray and the Holy Ghost will make you feel like it’s true”
“My child doesn’t need asthma medicine. Let’s all have a prayer circle instead.”
“Oops. My baby died of whooping cough because I feel like vaccines are evil and didn’t vaccinate. God must be testing me. I should pray more. This wasn’t my fault. God wanted another angel in heaven.”
To me, religion and scientific denial and conspiracies are all warped into one thing. I just needed to rant.
I believe there might be a higher power. I keep telling myself he’s there, somehow.
I believe in facts and SCIENCE! ??
And religions are tools to manipulate people. I’ll go to Christian church once in a great while just for the social aspect and to remind myself to love my neighbor as myself.
All scriptures are mostly man-written bullshit. I read Jesus’ words cautiously though, and reflect on them somewhat, just in case.
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