Did you know being excommunicated or resigning from the Mormon church doesn't cancel your temple sealing?
Actually, despite what anyone else here says, the sealings are not voided upon either resignation or excommunication. Only your baptism is voided. It's a very common misconception that priesthood ordination and sealing ordinances are voided concurrently, but that is *completely* false. That's why if you are ex'd or resign, you must be rebaptised, but you don't have to have be resealed in the temple or be reordained to the priesthood.  After you are rebaptized you have to have a "restoration of blessings" ordinance and the restores all your other ordinances with their original dates.
If you are a man who is ex'd or resigns, then if your wife becomes betrothed or civilly married to another worthy priesthood-holding man that she wishes to be sealed to, then her stake president *still* has to call you up and ask for your permission to cancel your sealing to your wife in order to allow your ex-wife to be sealed to another man. Even though you're currently in an official state of excommunication or apostasy, and your wife might be already be civilly married to a worthy priesthood holder, you still have the option to refuse your permission for her to be sealed. Which means that your excommunicated ex could choose to unilaterally put a stop to your wedding plans out of sheer spite.
Now, there actually is one non-spiteful valid reason for a man refuse to grant permission, and that is if the ex-wife intends to have your children's sealing to their father voided and have them resealed to her new husband while they are still minors in joint custody. 
That would seriously undermine and alienate his parental status.
Apparently if the father refuses to grant permission, the stake president can apply for the case to be heard by the first presidency, who can overturn the father and grant permission for the ex-wife to be resealed. But this rarely ever happens, and in the majority of cases the woman is turned down.
One of the snags for men is that if your wife divorces you and you meet another women that you wish to be sealed to, you will be able to be sealed to her, but your new wife will automatically be a celestial sister wife to your divorced-wife. Theologically, if both wives remain faithful and endure to the end in good standing with the church, you will be a polygynous family in the celestial kingdom. So if your new wife objects to the idea of being in a plural marriage while your divorced wife is still alive, there ain't shit that the man can do to please her, and he has no recourse to have the sealing cancelled. He is completely stuck and there is **nothing** he can do about it.
I was very surprised to learn about all this. I first heard [Brent Metcalfe speak about it in his Mormon Stories](https:⁄⁄www.mormonstories.org⁄podcast⁄brent-metcalfe-mark-hofmann-salamander-letter-bombings⁄) interview. I've heard more about it from other men and women who've been through it since then. Understandably, this is a little known area of doctrine that is not published by the church to the public outside of their Handbook of Instructions for priesthood authorities.
In addition:
A person who was endowed in the temple before being excommunicated may regain priesthood and⁄or temple blessings only through the ordinance of restoration of blessings. This is a special ordinance performed by a General Authority as directed by the First Presidency. Afterwards, a new membership record is created, showing the original dates of baptism, endowment, sealing, and (if applicable) priesthood ordinations—with no reference to excommunication. https:⁄⁄www.churchofjesuschrist.org⁄study⁄ensign⁄1990⁄09⁄a-chance-to-start-over-church-disciplinary-councils-and-the-restoration-of-blessings?lang=eng
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