Why is the LDS Jesus so different from the biblical Jesus ? “As long as it's translated correctly “ BUT who makes the judgment on if it's translated correctly ?
LDS Jesus:
Pre-incarnate Mormon Jesus:
1. A mere “intelligence” status shared collectively w⁄EVERY OTHER SINGLE intelligence of the universe;
2. Yes, the Mormon Jesus was the pre-incarnate Son of God. But so are you; so am I; so is Satan and and the demons. Hence, not only is Jesus your “elder brother”; but so is Satan.
3. The Mormon Jesus was not always divine; he “attained” godhood (LDS apostle McConkie); this only makes basic Mormon sense because even this son's father wasn't always divine;
4. The Mormon Jesus was ‘contaminated’ w⁄human nature (Brigham Young); not perfect in beginning (Joseph F. Smith);
5. The Mormon Jesus is a “saved being” (see McConkie, Millet)--therefore implying The Son of God needed His own personal ‘savior’;
6. The LDS position expressed by apostle McConkie actually finds issue w⁄Christian verbiage that Christ “is uncreated”;
Incarnate Mormon Jesus:
7. The Mormon Jesus?
         (A) Brigham Young taught every inhabited world has its own redeemer—so he’s just one of many;
         (B) A “fave” phrase among MANY LDS prophets to describe LDS temple proxies conducting baptisms for the dead are “saviors on Mt. Zion”...LDS prophets have stated point black that they cannot saved without the dead, and the dead cannot be saved without them. So ALSO in this way, the Mormon Jesus is even one of many redeemers on THIS earth.
8. The Mormon Jesus became a great punisher of mass peoples when he came, horrifically destroying 16 cities—close to 100,000 people per 3 Nephi, chapters 8 & 9.
Post-Incarnate Mormon Jesus:
9. The Mormon Jesus’ blood doesn't atone for your personal sins per LDS apostle Jeffrey Holland & the LDS church Web site UNLESS & UNTIL you become a diligent, obedient member of the LDS church.
10. How is the Mormon Jesus both one and distinct from other LDS gods? LDS distinctive position is that Jesus only shares “purpose” w⁄the Father—something EVERY true Christian does—and is one of not only other “gods” in a godhood, but has a “mother god” and is being continually joined by a league of thousands or hundreds of thousands or eventually millions of “gods.”
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