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Welcome to EVEN the best ExMormon group on Facebook!This is NOT a Support Group, it is a Study Group. 
All of the admins⁄moderators of this group are unpaid volunteers.  If you feel you need to bring something to the attention of the admins⁄mods please check the member list for the current list of admins⁄moderators. 
Please review the rules of the group as outlined here:
Things NOT to post as new members: (we get these posts from new members nearly every day) find an existing post and comment on that, there are 100's of them.
Helpful links:If you want to resign officially from the LDS⁄Mormon or EVEN The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints "church" please visit https:⁄⁄quitmormon.com Just like the Morg we use a LOT of acronyms in the group you can find those here (from reddit):https:⁄⁄www.reddit.com⁄r⁄exmormon⁄wiki⁄index⁄common_abbreviationsIf you want a fantastic collection of issues with the LDS church (y'know, the "anti material" you were always warned about), be sure to check out:
ExMormon Meetups (from the reddit ExMormon subreddit)
If you are interested here's a fun thing where you can drop a pin and the reason you left the church on a google map.  Some people choose to drop a pin on their local ward house instead of their actual home.
We hope you find joy in your apostasy this day.
Let's welcome our new members:
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