Q: Why did thousands of people in General Conference erupt into giggles?
A: Because a general authority said something that wasn't funny.
For those who read this & feel upset, here’s a couple things that will help.
  1. If you can find any grammatical errors in this then that’s a great way to discount the whole message
  2. You can take all these viewpoints & tuck them away with all the other “anti-mormon” things that are really scary
  3. You can assume that my motive is to “fight against the kingdom of God” & not to sincerely help members consider that their religion might have some good in it (as do most religions) but that Christ’s original message has been “mingled with the philosophies of men” to sustain a multi-billion dollar organization
  4. You can assume that I wasn’t a lifelong member who was extremely “successful” on my mission & who hasn’t heard or read all the Mormon insights that you know about & that I didn’t also “know with every fiber of my being” from the feelings of the Holy Ghost that the church was true just like you might now think that you know.
  5. You can pretend that all the pain, suffering, suicides, false judgements, micromanagement, depression, anxiety, chronic guilt, etc. that is directly caused by Mormon theology doesn’t exist or that it’s just a couple people wrongly mis-interpreting the doctrine & not the church’s fault…because who would be that sick to perpetuate all these emotional crimes against their fellow man? Certainly not God’s ONLY TRUE church
  6. You can easily come up with an LDS rebuttal for everything & assume that since I didn’t make this 10 times longer to shut down the rebuttals that I must not be able to
  7. You can think that since this is made anonymously then it somehow delegitimizes its importance.
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