Non-member: So, tell me about the things you do in the temple
Mormon: We only talk about it in the temple.
NM: Oh, itís a secret?
Mormon: NO, itís sacred, so we donít talk about it.
NM: a secret??
Mormon: Itís just too sacred to tell you.
NM: But....keeping information to yourself instead of sharing it is a secret
Mormon: No, no, no itís sacred. Iíd totally tell you in the temple, if you were a member.
NM: So, itís a church secret.
Mormon: Oh, of course not, we gladly share the info with anyone once they go to the temple.
NM: Youíd share the secret info??
Mormon: Sacred info
NM: ........Oh, for heavens sake, you just donít know the difference between sacred and secret
Mormon: With that type of language, youíll never get to the temple.
NM: ???????? Don't get your garments in a wad I have ways to get into your temples thanks to NewNameNoah...

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