How Much is $100 Billion Dollars Really?
To give an idea about how big of a number 100 Billion (100,000,000,000) is:
100 Billion inches = 8.33 Billion feet (8,333,333,333).
8,333,333,333 feet = 1.58 Million miles (1,578,283).
The circumference of the earth is 24,901 miles.
100 Billion inches would circle the earth 63.4 times!!
A one-dollar bill is 6.14 inches long.
Laying 100 Billion one-dollar bills end-to-end would stretch for 9,659,091 miles- or wrap around the earth 388 times!
A penny is 0.0598 inches thick. If 100 Billion pennies were stacked, the pile of pennies would be reach to over one-third the distance to the moon! (Earth to moon= 238,900 miles. Pile of pennies= 94,381 miles or .395 of total distance).
A drop of water has a volume of .050 milliliters. 100 Billion drops of water would completely fill 2 Olympic-sized swimming pools (which measure 164 feet long x 82 wide feet x 6 feet deep).
Convert it to years and it’s roughly 3200 years
If people say $100 Billion is not really THAT much money- they are...well... wrong
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