**New word of the Day : Pharasites**

Pharasitism is a non-mutual relationship between organisms where one organism, the pharasite, engages in asshat fanatical behavior to point out how righteous they are over others.

Some examples of pharasites include, but are not limited to: GAs who haven't served a mission but who yell at missionaries, priesthood leaders who schedule a special meeting at the same time as the Super Bowl to see who is "worthy", anyone who scrutinizes the length of hair on a head or face, earring counters, anonymous reporting of Honor Code violators, ward gossips, and caffeine condemners.
Passive-aggressive pharasites say platitudes such as "stand a little taller", "I don't know that we teach that" and "[those problems] are behind us now." (In reality, that particular pharasite has the world's largest known case of Edifice Complex I've ever seen. Also, see Shit-Eating Grin.)

A special category of Pharasitism exists for authorities who want you to repeat your confession of sins and those who conduct Courts of Love (which has been described as 'getting raped by Care Bears'.)

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