The church has changed so much stuff they have invented to Mormon Newsroom just to put spin on it.
Off the top of my head here are some major changes:
1978, facing the impossibility of determining African ancestry for temple attendance in heavily mixed-race Brazil, Spencer W. Kimball delivered Official Declaration 2 to the Church, abruptly abolishing the practice of excluding blacks from temples and priesthood.
1980's The last explicit condemnations of birth control in General Conference were in 1980. The Church quietly started de-emphasizing its previous hardline position after the deaths of Presidents Kimball and Benson, and by the mid 90s President Gordon B. Hinckley was able to teach, “We don’t dictate family size. That is left to the father and the mother, the husband and wife.”
1990 Death penalties removed from the Temple Endowment
2005 Procedures for the initiatory are revised such that initiates clothes themselves in the garment before entering the washing room, thus eliminating the final vestiges of ritual nudity (which had been curtailed by introduction of the shield, probably during the 1920s). Water and oil are applied to the head only, not to multiple parts of the body.
2007 the Book of Mormon introduction was amended to suggest that the Lamanites were among the ancestors of the American Indians, even if to such a small degree as to be genetically undetectable.
2012 Temple Anointing changed to where members are now fully clothed.  Water and oil are applied to the head only, not to multiple parts of the body.
2013 Missionary age drop from 19 to 18 for Elders and from 21 to 19 for Sisters
2015 First ever photo and admission that Joseph Smith used his seer stone to translate the book of mormon.
2015 Church changes policy about the children of same sex couple barring them from joining the church until they are 18 and disavow their parents lifestyle
2010 - 2016 The church has put tons of essays admitting that Joseph Smith both took plural wives and married other men's wives as well.
2017 Mormons unveil temple changes: Single LDS men older than 30, recently divorced members can now serve
2017 BYU finally starts selling caffeinated beverages on campus
I could go on, but these are just a few major changes that been made in recent years.⁄2017⁄04⁄27⁄how-much-mormonism-has-changed⁄⁄mormon⁄doctrine.html⁄@jellistx⁄mormon-doctrines-changed-in-my-lifetime-54aa9b98299e
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