I love how it's all doom and gloom with these guys after you use your "free will" to leave the church. 
Right at the end he told us that at since point we will go through a crisis that will force us to turn to God.
What he really meant to say, "turn to the Church"
Excuse me, but I thought that "forcing" someone to follow God's plan was Lucifers idea?
They're go to prediction is that the church is so good that there isn't anyway you can make it without the Gospel®.  We look forward to your failure in the real world.
When you realize the error of your ways, we'll be waiting here to scoop you back up in our loving arms® just as long as you pay the corporation before you pay yourself.
I felt more spirit from the Disney Movie Frozen today than I ever felt at church and it only cost me about $20 and my kids were there too.
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