The Book of Wars--Num. 21:14
The Book of Jasher--Josh. 10:13
The Chronicles of David--1 Chron. 27:24
The Book of the Kings of Israel and Judah--2 Chron. 27:7; 35:27; 36:8
The Book of the Kings of Israel--I Chron. 9:1; 2 Chron. 20:34.
The Words of the Kings of Israel--2 Chron. 33:18.
The Decree of David the King of Israel--2 Chron. 35:4.
The Chronicles of Samuel the Seer--1 Chron. 29:29
The Chronicles of Nathan the Prophet--1 Chron. 29:29
The Book of Gad--1 Chron. 29:29
The Book of the Prophet Iddo--2 Chron. 13:22
The Words of Shemaiah the Prophet--2 Chron. 12:15
The Deeds of Uzziah by Isaiah the Prophet--2 Chron. 26:22; 32:32
The Book of Jehu--2 Chron. 20:34
The Record book of Ahasuerus--Esther 2:23; 6:1
The Book of Remembrance--Mal. 3:16
The Book of Life--Dan. 12:1; Phil. 4:3; Rev. 20:11; 22:19
The Book of Judgment--Dan. 7:10; Rev. 20:12
The seven-sealed book--Rev. 5:1, 13.
An angel's book--Rev. 10:2

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