In the End, "Members" of the Mormon Church are all NON PAID VOLUNTEERS. NOTHING MORE. The Mormon Church's own lawyer explains it.
"His reasoning goes like this: Within each Mormon congregation, every adult is assigned to other community members as a home teacher, as an adviser and confidante. None of them, however, are actual employees, so Keetch disputes that the church can be punished for their actions. “Say you’re an active member of the Democratic Party. You’re not paid by them, but you get assignments to distribute literature and put up signs. Say you’re doing that and commit battery, put your fist into someone’s mouth. We would never think of suing the Democratic Party,” he says. “But we’ve somehow been willing to hold the church liable for anything any member does, even if they’re not in a high position of leadership, and that seems wrong to me.”"
So “Members” of the Mormon Church are nothing but people VOLUNTEERING to do assignments….like if they were passing out fliers. THAT’S WHO THE MEMBERS ARE TO "THE BRETHREN". They seek to control all the volunteer's lives...... they want nothing but power.....and they take no responsibility. What an evil Machine
NON PAID VOLUNTEERS.....Stop whitewashing Russell Nelson's fence for him. He's using YOU.
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