What's more pathetic than staying IN your cult and continuing to pay 10% of your income to CEO's who are laughing all the way to he bank with nearly as many billions of dollars (in stocks alone) as Joseph Smith had wives (33)?
$33 BILLION DOLLARS! That figure doesn’t include their real estate investments in Florida (worth billions) and countless other businesses they own and operate, like the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii and the multi billion dollar City Creek Mall complex in Salt Lake City. Odds are they don’t have more than 15% of their money in the stock market. Some estimates put the total worth of the LDS Church at over $500B. There’s a reason why many of the top leaders own more than one home.
I don’t know how anyone with a conscience could continue to financially support an organization with leaders that would have the audacity to fly First Class to Africa so they can ask the poorest of the poor for MORE money.
Pathetic indeed.
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