If you claim there is a God, he favors Mormonism as a belief system, and Mormonism truth claims are historically accurate and that Mormonism has real God magic that can heal and perform miracles, I would welcome real evidence besides you can't prove there isn't a invisible God. You will have to account for the other data points (healings, miracles, keys, god magic, etc..)
Even Elder Neslon doesn't believe he has priesthood. Every time he goes into a hospital including his own daughter with cancer, no healing occurs. He doesn't even bless them to be healed. He has zero faith they will be healed. How many limbs have been restored that you know of?
How many critics have been struck blind or mute or a three day slumber?
You really believe 2000 kids fought a bigger army and not one son of Helaman was killed or got a infection that killed them. They all survived wounds that caused many to faint from blood loss without modern medical help?
You really believe a stab to the heart (Teancum) and died instantly unable to scream? ask a doctor!
you really believe the Nephite transoceanic voyage occurred.
A real tower of Babel?
Seer stones are real but they aren't useful for finding the 116 pages and the explanation for the 116 pages being lost and a different redo needed is irrational
You see when all the data points are considered collectively Mormonism is not only implausible, it is absurd
There are literally thousands of these.... thousands. Maybe tens of thousands - Bill Reel
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