What you need to know about the LDS⁄Mormon churches charitable aid.. They are a church right? Shouldn't that be a big thing? Let's see the numbers..
The LDS⁄Mormon church is trying to hide their $100 Billion nest egg.
Actual numbers:
Their lack of humanitarian aid is disgusting - especially for a so called church. The numbers below are from an official Mormon church publication. Notice how they use the sum of a 25 year span to make the number look significant. Breaking it down to an annual basis and to a per member basis demonstrates how little the Mormon church gives in charitable aid.
Humanitarian assistance rendered (1985-2009)
Cash Donations $327.6 million
Value of Material Assistance $884.6 million
The value of material assistance is a wild guess from materials donated by members and not directly out of the church's pocket. We will assume that it actually came from the church directly for simplicity.
Let's look at the numbers.
Total number of years: 25 years
Total amount of aid: $1,212.2 million (cash 327.6 + materials 884.6)
Amount of aid per year: ($1,212.2 ⁄ 25 yr) = $48.5 million per year
Let's assume an average of 12 million members of the church over that 25 year time span.
($80.8 ⁄ 12) = $6.73 per member given in charitable aid per year!!!
Just so that this is clear - The Mormon church only gives out $6.73 in charitable aid per member per year.
Are you disgusted yet? How many thousand of dollars did most of us give in tithing and did so faithfully for years. Where did all this money go? Shopping malls. Resort hotels. Hunting preserves for the wealthy and for general authorities. etc.
Mormons should have their own occupy movement and quit paying tithing until the books are opened. The media should demand openness of a non-profit organization. Most for profit public corporations give more charitable aid per employee than this so called church.
As a reference, here is some info on the $3,000,000,000 (3 billion dollar) mall: http:⁄⁄www.exmormon.org⁄mormon⁄mormon403.htm
In 2009 the Deseret News reported that the Mall would cost at least $3 billion dollars!
The cost of the mall (assuming now 14 million members) is ($3,000 million ⁄ 14 million members) = $214 per member. Compare that to the charitable aid. Is this a church or a corporation?
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