Please explain the following problems with the Mormon Church:
1. Joseph Smith marrying not one but two 14 year girls and many more under the age of 20.
2. Joseph Smith marrying other men's wives, 10+ to be exact.
3. Joseph Smith being a convicted con man (google it).
4. Joseph Smith's plan to take Native American women as plural wives so the he could sex them and have "white and delightful" offspring.  If you want more info on this one just ask, I've got the references.
5. How many wives did Joseph Smith have?  How many did Brigham Young have?  Does it even matter? 
6. If the church wasn't true, how would you know?
7. If the church wasn't true or at the least wasn't what it claimed to be, would you want to know?
HOMEWORK read the LDS⁄Mormon churches Essay about how many women Joseph Smith screwed on their official website:
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