The Bible commands us to:
Kill adulterers (Lev 20:10)
Kill all witches (Ex 22:18)
Kill blasphemers (Lev 24:14)
Kill false prophets (Zech 13:3)
Kill fortune-tellers (Lev 20:27)
Kill anyone who sins (Ezek 18:4)
Kill the curious (1 Sam 6:19-20)
Kill gays (Lev 20:13, Rom 1:21-32)
Kill all non-Hebrews (Dt 20:16-17)
Kill sons of sinners (Isaiah 14:21)
Kill nonbelievers (2 Citron 15:12-13)
Kill anyone who curses God (Lev 24:16)
Kill any child who hits a parent (Ex 21:15)
Kill children who disobey parents (Dt 21:20)
Kill those who work on the Sabbath (Ex 31:15)
Kill disobedient children (Ex 21:17, Mk 7:10)
Kill strangers close to a church (Num 1:48-51)
Kill all males after winning battles (Dt 20:13)
Kill those who curse father or mother (Lev 20:9)
Kill men who have sex with other men (Lev 20:13)
Kill any bride discovered not a virgin (Dt 22:21)
Kill those who worship the wrong god (Num 25:1-9)
Kill anyone who does not observe the Sabbath (Ex 31:14)
Kill everybody in a town that worships the wrong god (Dt 13:13-16)
Kill anyone who kills anyone (Lev 24:17).
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