The church is an organization that cares more about money than about people. It teaches young couples to leave loving parents outside the temple while they go in to get married. What's the crime of those parents? They don't happen to be Mormon, or maybe they didn't pay tithing and don't have a temple recommend.

Yeah, because Jesus was big time in favor of that. He'd stand at the door of the temple and demand a check, or forbid you to enter if you're not part of his exclusive club, or heaven forbid you smoke a cigarette or drink a beer, stay the hell out, sinners. That's how Jesus rolled.

What about bishops asking young people about their masturbation practices behind closed doors, when they are alone together? A young girl, who is 12, hearing the word "masturbation" for the first time from a grown man when she's alone with him??? How about grown men being disfellowshipped for touching themselves, and living in shame and despair because they can't stop, and driven to the point of suicide??

What about the guy, Joseph Smith, who started this whole thing, marrying teenage girls as young as 14, and other men's wives, and then that same organization calling gay marriage a "counterfeit"??

What about the racism? Jesus was a big fan of that as well. You're black, so you don't get to go to the temple or hold the priesthood. But guess what, Jane Elizabeth Manning? You get to be sealed to Joseph Smith as a servant in the eternities. Lucky you.

My friends do not tell me to sit down and shut up. I fight injustice. I fight evil. I fight organizations that harm families and individuals. I will scream and yell from the rooftops until practices like that stop.

Don't you dare tell me to be quiet. My conscience will not allow me to sit quietly while people are harmed, when I can do something about it. If I was saying these same things about a different church, say Jehovah's Witnesses, you wouldn't say a peep to me.

Do not tell me to be silent. I have a truth to speak and I will speak it. As loud as I can and for as long as I can. My friends will stand by me. My "friends" won't. Which are you?"
I'm done taking shit from Mormons.

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