I wouldn't say that at all!  Most everyone I've dealt with in Salt Lake City have been pretty nice.  At my last job I worked with a guy who happened to be a member of the Bishopric in the ward that was unknowingly assigned to.  He and his wife arranged a blind date for me with a "sweet spirit" the blind date didn't go as planned. 
Bruce (co-worker) decided to take us to the Cheesecake Factory at the City Creek Mall across from Temple Square. He even paid for our meal!  While dining his wife, a naturopath, proclaimed that there are no natural blue plants.
It was super awkward when I pointed out all the blue flowers and explained the existence of blue corn and blueberries on our way to the Joseph Smith Memorial Museum across the street...
We went into the Church History Museum... walking around the Elderly escort started talking about the history of Relief Society... 
who later left the the church because of my devilish influences. LMAO
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