After 60 minutes of Googling I'm pretty sure I'll NEVER join your "church". 
Top results:
1. I would be required to pay 10% of my pre-tax income to the church.  I've heard of member fees but this is a little over the top.
2. After joining the church I have to demonstrate that I'm "worthy' and then I get to pay the church even more money to buy special 19th century magic underwear? 
3. If I decide to become a member and then choose to get married in a Mormon Temple NONE of my family can attend my marriage unless they too are full tithe paying and "worthy" Mormons?  This is madness!  What kind of "family oriented" organization would alienate friends and family from the most sacred day of my life?  Furthermore, why is this rule ONLY enforced in North America?  In every other country on the face of the planet the Mormons will let you get civilly married then without delay be "sealed" in a Mormon Temple the very next day! 
4. How does the Mormon Church have 3 billion dollars to spend on the City Creek Mall in downtown Salt Lake City?  In 2009 the Deseret News reported that the Mall would cost at least $3 billion dollars!⁄article⁄705341784⁄Salt-Lake-City-high-rise-is-ready-for-occupancy-on-Main.html
5. The LDS⁄Mormon church has vast land holdings including private hunting preserves where, believe it or not, they call senior Mormon couples to run them for FREE, actually these senior "missionaries" actually PAY for the opportunity to "serve"! Here is just ONE of the "callings" the LDS Church is looking to fulfill!
Special Projects Department
Natural Resources Services (NRS) Section
Petroleum Landman
I'm not even kidding! The LDS⁄Mormon church is seeking to exploit its own members for FREE! 
6. Please feel free to block me if anything I've stated above is not true. 
7. It's all true.
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