I'm happy that you've found peace in your life through the Mormon church. Sometimes, many of us ex-Mormons can be a little harsh towards those who profess their Mormon beliefs as "knowledge". I think that is what sort of rubs some post-Mormons the wrong way.
It has to do with characterizing your "faith" in something as actual knowledge-like the knowledge that we have oxygen in our atmosphere. You see, many exmormons grew up believing that the truth claims made by the church were actual facts that could stand the test of evidence-just like the fact that Abraham Lincoln was a president or the scientific fact that dinosaurs once roamed the earth. Those are verifiable facts with actual evidence and thus they qualify to be considered truth. With those claims, anyone can rightly say that they "know" that Abraham Lincoln was a president or that they "know" that dinosaurs roamed the earth.
Because the church has many claims that can't be verified with evidence while also having claims that can be completely refuted with evidence, the church's claims simply don't meet the qualifications of being considered "truths". Therefore, one can't say they "know" something to be true unless that 'something' can be verified and supported by evidence. I have no doubt that what you say you "know" is something that brings you peace of mind or perhaps even tremendous 'hope' in your life and if so then I think that is wonderful.
It's just important to remember that many exmormons truly value "evidence-based" knowledge which serves as an important part to one's peace of mind and happiness. And to them there's no such thing as actual "knowledge" unless it truly is verifiable and supported by evidence. For some, having a clear conscience and hope in ones life is directly tied to that persons quest for real "knowledge" and so the feelings you've shared simply don't relate to them because of your different interpretation of the word "knowledge".
But at the end of the day, if you're happier in your life with Mormonism then more power to you.
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