No apologies for hiding the true history from the members for generations
No apologies for a policy that excluded black people from the temple and the priesthood,
No apologies for treating women like second class citizens.
No apologies for the atrocious personal behavior of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young
No apologies for taking the widows mite when you have 10's of billions in assets.
And never offering an explanation to where the billions of dollars of members donations go
No apologies for blatant, repeated lying by the leaders, the "brethren" and the "presidents"
No apologies for putting interests of sexual predators above the interests of innocent children.
No apologies for a hurtful policy that excludes LGBT members
No apologies for replacing the simple gospel message of forgiveness and love
with your own distorted message of guilt and shame
for your own power and control needs
No apologies to missionaries in putting them through the torment of:
Not being able to see a doctor when they are sick
Not being able to see a mental health counselor when they are anxious and depressed
Not being able to go home when a parent dies so they can grieve and feel supportive their family
Not being able to call home more a couple times a year until a recent revelation makes it so
No apologies for calling your corporation a CHURCH
No apologies because TRUE churches NEVER make mistakes
I offer no apologies nor do I need offer any explanations more than this to anyone
When I take myself and my family out of your shitty little church
And move on...
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