People leave the Mormon⁄LDS church because they were "OFFENDED" right? 
In my experience it is Mormons who are the most easily-offended people I've ever known!
Bad word in a book⁄movie⁄TV show?
Dressing Immodestly?
Drinking alcohol near them?
Drinking coffee near them?
Financial leaks that the top 15 and many others actually have a salary?
Gays getting married?
Living with your Significant Other before marriage.
Not wanting kids.
Pointing out Joseph's many, underage wives?
Pointing out over 5,000 changes to the Book of Mormon?
Porn shoulders?
Saying that the church creates a perfect environment for abuse?
Saying you're pro-choice?
Saying "Mormon" instead of the 9 word name of the church.
Saying women should be able to hold the priesthood? Separation of church and state?
Shopping on Sunday?
Something even remotely sexual in a movie?
Sporting a beard at church!
Suggesting the church be transparent with their finances?
Tattoos or multiple piercings?
Telling them they should think for themselves?
Up until 2015 Joseph only had one wife and if you pointed out his obvious polygamy?
Up until 2015 suggesting that Joseph Smith used a brown seer stone in his hat to translate the Book of Mormon?
I'm sure that are many many more!  If you can think of something good please send them to the email at the bottom of the page or post a comment about them on whatever post brought you here.
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