Suicide According to Mormon Doctrine:
Suicides. See MURDERERS. Suicide is murder, pure and simple, and murderers are damned. There is no more justification for self-murder than for the wilful destruction of another. There is a common and supposedly compassionate tendency on the part of many to reason that all who commit suicide must be mentally unbalanced and that therefore they are not accountable for their crimes. If in a particular instance a person commit-ting suicide is so mentally clouded that he cannot tell right from wrong, then he is not accountable for his act, any more than he would be had he taken the life of someone else. But the great probability is that nearly all self-murderers though they may be depressed and mentally ill do in fact know right from wrong, the same as most killers do. "No murderer bath eternal life abiding in him." (1 John 3:15.)
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