Belinda, "Not being rude here." then Belinda goes on to completely show how ignorant and rude she actually is...
Belinda, would you be satisfied by waiting outside a Mormon Temple because you didn't pay enough money to a corporate church and found "unworthy" to attend a loved ones wedding?
My Grandparents are still pissed nearly 50 years later that they were denied seeing their daughters wedding (my Mom and Dad) in a Mormon Temple simply because they weren't Mormons.
Mormon youth are so eager to get their groove on there is really NO time a parent could get a temple recommend even if they wanted to!
If you think a "ring ceremony" or a "wedding reception" are good enough then you are what is WRONG with the Mormon⁄LDS "church".
This is ONLY policy in North America! All other countries around the globe a Mormon couple have to be publically and civilly married BEFORE they can be sealed in a Mormon temple. ONLY in North America does the LDS⁄Mormon "church" penalize members and force them to wait an ENTIRE year before they can be sealed even if they haven't sinned AT ALL!
Belinda pull your head out of your ass and realize that the LDS⁄Mormon "church" is a corporation hell bent on getting your money.
And here's a fun video of a Mormon Temple Sealing... Please note that "love" is NEVER mentioned, not to mention that the bride has to wear the drab temple robes!⁄Zgf5KRvu4Ig
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