Many of the Rules for Members of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
aka Latter-Day or LDS Saints or The Saints or The Church or Mormons
  1. Pay a full tithe of 10%.
  2. Fast once a month for a day.
  3. Give the money you would have spent while fasting—and more—to the Church for the poor.
  4. Go to Sacrament meeting and a second hour meeting every Sunday.
  5. Take the Sacrament each week.
  6. Repent of everything wrong that you have done before you take the Sacrament.
  7. Do not smoke.
  8. Do not drink alcoholic beverages.
  9. Do not drink coffee.
  10. Do not drink tea.
  11. Do not chew tobacco.
  12. Do not use illegal drugs.
  13. Keep the Word of Wisdom (health code).
  14. Follow and sustain the prophets and all other leaders.
  15. Believe that Jesus is the Christ.
  16. Do not affiliate with any groups or people opposed to the Church.
  17. Pay your child support payments.
  18. Attend the temple regularly.
  19. Wear temple garments day and night.
  20. Accept all Church callings given to you by the bishop.
  21. Visit families if a man or sisters if a women monthly as a minister.
  22. Refer to yourself as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, not a "Mormon" or "LDS".
  23. Speak at Church when assigned and speak on the subject that the leaders tell you to speak on.
  24. Bear your testimony occasionally at Fast Sunday, the first Sunday of the month.
  25. Read your scriptures daily, especially the Book of Mormon.
  26. Be a scriptorian.
  27. Read your Sunday School lesson.
  28. Read your Priesthood or Relief Society lesson.
  29. Become well educated.
  30. Do not swear.
  31. Pray with family daily.
  32. Pray morning and night.
  33. Hold family scripture devotional daily.
  34. Memorize scriptures.
  35. Pray using only old fashioned, King James language, "thee", "thou", "thy".
  36. Sustain your local bishop.
  37. Attend only your assigned Church congregation.
  38. Teach your children gospel principles on Sunday.
  39. Donate to Church charities.
  40. Spend money wisely.
  41. Youth should save their money to go on a mission—two years are required for men, 18 months for young women.
  42. Missions are required for young men, optional for young women.
  43. Missionaries may contact their families weekly.
  44. Missionaries may not have visits with their family during their mission.
  45. Missionaries are to only share positive experiences with family.
  46. Missionaries work six days each week and then evening of their preparation day.
  47. Missionaries are required to finance their own missions.
  48. Retired couples should go on missions whenever possible.
  49. Stand up when the prophet enters a room.
  50. When the prophet speaks, the debate is over.
  51. When you return home from mission, marry in the temple.
  52. No premarital sex.
  53. No premarital necking or petting.
  54. Have as many children as possible.
  55. Do not delay having children to finish education.
  56. No tattoos.
  57. No piercings, although women may have one piercing in each ear.
  58. Men should wear hair short.
  59. Beards and mustaches are discouraged for all men and not allowed at all for students at church-owned schools for Church leaders.
  60. Men and young men should wear white shirts, ties and dress pants to Church.
  61. Women should wear dressy dresses to Church.
  62. Women should wear dressy shoes, not sandals.
  63. Members should attend the temple regularly.
  64. Members should research their own genealogy and genealogy in general.
  65. Members should go to the temple and do temple work for their ancestors and for the dead in general.
  66. Youth should go to the temple and perform baptisms for the dead for their ancestors.
  67. Members should have a supply of food storage for emergencies and disasters.
  68. Members should also maintain a supply of emergency supplies.
  69. Members should help others in case of a disaster.
  70. Members should only speak positively about their Church leaders.
  71. Female members should dress modestly.
  72. Females must wear shirts with sleeves; dresses should reach the knees.
  73. Members should be politically active.
  74. Abortion–except to save the life of the mother and sometimes--in the case of rape–-is condemned.
  75. LGBTQ sexual relationships or marriages are unacceptable and may result in excommunication.
  76. Get baptized when you are eight years old or before you join the Church at eight years or older.
  77. Maintain a clean appearance.
  78. Keep your house clean and tidy.
  79. Maintain your home well.
  80. Keep your yard well maintained.
  81. Read LDS magazines.
  82. Keep a journal.
  83. Grow a garden.
  84. Be honest in all of your personal dealings.
  85. Do not covet.
  86. Do not commit adultery or fornication.
  87. Do not read anti-Mormon material.
  88. Do not lust.
  89. Do not watch R-rated movies.
  90. No not view pornography.
  91. No not view or read suggestive or inappropriate material.
  92. Do not masturbate.
  93. Listen only to uplifting music.
  94. Try to convert your friends, neighbors and co-workers.
  95. Every member a missionary.
  96. Avoid unrighteous people and places.
  97. Do not visit bars.
  98. Exercise faith in God.
  99. Do not doubt Church teachings or practices.
  100. After marriage, do not spend time alone with a member of the opposite sex.
  101. Feed the missionaries.
  102. Give service to your neighbors.
  103. Help neighbors move in or move out.
  104. Take meals to sick neighbors.
  105. Visit the housebound.
  106. Raise children who are active in the Church.
  107. Magnify your talents.
  108. Share your talents with others.
  109. Study the history of the Church from Church approved sources only.
  110. Read books that Church leaders have written.
  111. Honor your parents.
  112. Love your family.
  113. Love others.
  114. Forgive others.
  115. Love your enemies.
  116. No idols or other gods.
  117. No witchcraft.
  118. Do not work on Sunday unless absolutely necessary.
  119. Only do wholesome activities on Sunday.
  120. Do not go to the grocery store on Sunday.
  121. Do not shop on Sunday.
  122. Do not attend sporting events on Sunday.
  123. Do not participate in recreational activities on Sunday.
  124. Ideally, wear your Sunday clothes all day on Sunday.
  125. Be humble.
  126. Be patient and kind.
  127. Be obedient to everything Church leaders ask of you.
  128. Do not talk about temple ceremonies with others outside of temple.
  129. When a young man turns twelve years old, if judged worthy, he can receive the priesthood rank of "Deacon" and can pass the Sacrament.
  130. When a young man turns fourteen years old, if judged worthy, he can receive the priesthood rank of "Teacher" and can teach members in their homes, along with an adult male and can gather fast offerings.
  131. When a young man turns sixteen years old, if judged worthy, he can receive the priesthood rank of "Priest" and can bless the Sacrament.
  132. When a young man turns eighteeen years old, if judged worthy, he can receive the priesthood rank of "Elder" and can go on a mission, bless babies, bless his children, and bless the sick.
  133. When a man is about the age of a grandpa, if judged worthy, he can receive the priesthood rank of "e;High Priest" and can be appointed as a bishop or as other leadership position.
  134. Youth should attend worthiness interviews with bishop regularly; these meetings are held alone unless the youth requests that another adult attends with them.
  135. When a female member is twelve, she begins her participation in the youth organization called Young Women's.
  136. Do not gossip.
  137. Attend church socials and bring food whenever assigned.
  138. Clean the meeting house when assigned.
  139. Substitute for Church teachers when needed.
  140. Serve in the cannery or orchard when asked.
  141. Work hard; always be engaged in a worthwhile endeavor.
  142. Use your time wisely.
  143. Do not have gender reassignment surgery or you may be excommunicated.
  144. Do not cross dress.
  145. Obey the laws of your land.
  146. Never gamble.
  147. Do not use face cards.
  148. Keep your thoughts clean.
  149. Seek after things that are virtuous, lovely, of good report, and praiseworthy.
  150. Women should obey their husbands.
  151. Married women should stay home and raise their children.
  152. Youth should attend extra weekly meetings.
  153. Youth should not date until sixteen.
  154. Youth should group date until eighteen.
  155. Youth should only date people who are members of the Church and worthy to enter the temple.
  156. Twice each year members should watch 8-10 hours of General Conference.
  157. Members should obey anything Church leaders say at General Conference.
  158. Teachings at General Conference supersede passed leaders’ teachings.
  159. Talks at General Conference are used as lessons for Relief Society (women) and Priesthood meeting (men).
  160. Pay your tithing before paying rent or house payment or buying food.
  161. Missionaries should obey anything their mission president tells them to do.
  162. Be a good example to others.
  163. Be positive and happy.
  164. After baptism, be confirmed and receive gift of the Holy Ghost.
  165. Always be worthy so the Holy Ghost will guide you.
  166. Always follow the Spirit.
  167. A baby should be blessed by a worthy father in Sacrament Meeting.
  168. Do not ask General Authorities questions.
  169. Have Family Home Evening each week.
  170. Youth should attend seminary, which is often held before school.
  171. College students should attend Institute classes.
  172. Young adults should date, not just hang out with one another.
  173. Doubt your doubts.
  174. If you discover troubling information about Church history ignore it.
  175. Obedience is the first law in heaven.
  176. No loud laughter.
  177. No criticism of Church presidents or apostles.
  178. Covenant to give everything to the Church; everything that you have--even everything that you are.
  179. Never leave your garments on the floor.
  180. Your body is a temple.
  181. Have a current temple recommend even if you can't go to the temple.
  182. To obtain a temple recommend, interview with the bishop and stake president.
  183. Get your patriarchal blessing when a teen or after baptized.
  184. If you commit adultery, fornication, or a serious crime, you must report the sin to the bishop.
  185. Bishops or higher authorities must hold a church court to determine the punishment for those who commit serious sins.
  186. Those who speak negatively about the Church in open forums, even if their criticisms are true, may be excommunicated for apostasy.
  187. Bishops may disfellowship sinful members, which requires the members to turn in their temple recommend, not take the Sacrament, and not speak or pray in Church.
  188. Bishops who learn that members are abusive must call the Church legal office to determine if the abuse should be reported to police.
  189. Victims of ecclesiastical abuse have no recourse within the Church unless the perpetrator is convicted of a crime.
  190. Victims of ecclesiastical abuse may be punished for reporting the abuse to Church authorities.
  191. In the temple, a widowed or divorced man may be sealed to another woman, making him a polygamist in heaven.
  192. Church scriptures teach that polygamy will be practiced in heaven.
  193. Don't steal.
  194. Don't murder.
  195. Prepare for the Second Coming by keeping all of the commandments.
  196. Keep all of the commandments so that you can receive God's grace.
  197. Youth and adults should keep a current temple recommend.
  198. Children should memorize the 13 Articles of Faith.
  199. Have faith that Heavenly Father has a body of flesh and bones.
  200. Have faith that Jesus Christ is the literal Son of God.
  201. Have faith that the Holy Ghost is the third member of the Godhood and that He is a Spirit.
  202. Have faith that you lived with Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother before you were born.
  203. Have faith that Satan was a child of Heavenly Father in the preexistence who was cast out for rebellion.
  204. Seek to become like God.
  205. Know that those who keep the commandments will become Gods after they die.
  206. Follow Jesus in everything that you say and do.
  207. Have faith that the Book of Mormon is inspired scripture translated from golden plates by Joseph Smith.
  208. Have faith that the Book of Mormon is the most correct book of scripture.
  209. Have faith that the LDS prophet speaks for God.
  210. Be a good friend to converts.
  211. Invite others to Church.
  212. Be honest in your business dealings.
  213. Attend ward and auxiliary socials.
  214. Do not take revenge.
  215. Do not go to war unless you have been attacked two times.
  216. Do not bear a grudge.
  217. Do not blaspheme.
  218. Do not listen to false prophets.
  219. Teach your children to follow the prophet.
  220. Do not imitate the customs of the world.
  221. Be a peculiar people; do not be worldly.
  222. Celebrate the arrival and departure of missionaries in your ward.
  223. Pray continually.
  224. Have faith that Jesus died and was resurrected.
  225. Have faith that Jesus' greatest suffering was in the garden of Gethsemane, not Calvary.
  226. Only men have the priesthood, which gives them the authority to oversee all that happens in their congregations and in the Church.
  227. Women are more special than men because they can have children.
  228. Members who are married in the temple and who have children are ideal.
  229. Bishops should focus on retaining their youth so that they remain active in the Church.
  230. Bishops should be married in the temple and ideally should not have been divorced.
  231. Funerals should last one hour or less.
  232. At funerals, speak about Church topics and not about the decreased.
  233. Ideally, members should be buried and not cremated.
  234. Members should be buried in their temple clothing.
  235. LDS hymns should be sung at funerals.
  236. Priesthood holders should dedicate the grave of the deceased.
  237. A family member should offer a prayer beside the casket before the funeral begins.
  238. Ward members should provide a dinner for the family after the burial.
  239. The bishop should oversee the planning of the funeral.
  240. Funerals should be viewed as missionary opportunities.
  241. Wear Sunday clothes to Church funerals.
  242. Church funeral rules supersede cultural traditions.
  243. Parents who do not have a temple recommend may not attend their child's temple marriage.
  244. Special temple clothing must be purchased or rented and worn for temple worship.
  245. Wear your best Sunday attire when you attend the temple.
  246. Adult priesthood holders should keep consecrated oil in their homes so that they can bless the sick.
  247. Return what you borrow.
  248. Be generous to the poor.
  249. Twice a year, attend a two-hour Stake Conference meeting.
  250. Clean the temple when assigned.
  251. Go to bed early and rise early.
  252. Repent every day.
  253. Bless your food before eating.
  254. Kneel when praying whenever possible.
  255. Keep every covenant in temple so you can go to the highest heaven where married couples can have multiple wives who have spirit children.
  256. Only take the Sacrament with your right hand.
  257. Do not eat anything with coffee as an ingredient.
  258. Women should not wear pants to Church.
  259. Women may not participate in the blessing of their babies, including holding their babies.
  260. Adult priesthood holders should be worthy to bless the sick when asked.
  261. Women should not wear sleeveless blouses to Church.
  262. Women should be submissive to their husbands who preside in the home.
  263. Members should trust that all leaders are called of God.
  264. Do not use special occasions to be immodest.
  265. Do not wear tight or revealing clothing.
  266. Continue to learn throughout your life.
  267. Use social media wisely and sparingly.
  268. Walk out of an inappropriate movies.
  269. Do not participate in anything that makes violence acceptable.
  270. If you are involved in pornography, seek help from a church addition group.
  271. Do not share copyrighted movies or music.
  272. Share your testimony with your family.
  273. Do not compromise your standards with your friends.
  274. Express your gratitude to others.
  275. Do not cheat on school tests.
  276. Do not bear false witness.
  277. Do not listen to music that encourages immorality or violence.
  278. When dancing, avoid full body contact.
  279. Avoid dangerous activities that put your body at risk of injury.
  280. Confess the sin of pornography to your bishop.
  281. Before marriage, do not participate in passionate kissing.
  282. Each year visit with your bishop about your payment of tithes to determine if you have paid a full tithe.
  283. Develop self-discipline and be dependable.
  284. Do not spend excessive amounts of time on the Internet or playing video games.
  285. Apply what you learn from reading the scriptures to your life.
  286. Be financially self-reliant.
  287. Follow the rules first.
  288. Become well-informed about political issues.
  289. Vote for people with integrity and sound judgment.
  290. If you and your family lives righteously, your family relationships will be eternal in the best part of heaven.
  291. Don’t record the words of the prophet or twelve apostles if they speak at a Stake Conference.
  292. Oppose same sex marriage.
  293. Believe that God’s love is conditional.
  294. If a woman does not get married in this life, she can become a polygamous wife of a worthy husband after she dies.
  295. Eat a grain-based diet.
  296. If you do not get into the highest heaven, or celestial kingdom, by keeping all of the commandments, you may not associate with your family again.
  297. If your child marries in the temple and you do not have a temple recommend, you cannot attend the wedding.
  298. You child may have a ring ceremony after a temple wedding.
  299. Whenever possible, keep a 3-month supply of water.
  300. When teaching a lesson in Church, use only Church-approved materials.
  301. Missionaries may not swim in a body of water.
  302. Male missionaries must wear a white shirt and tie all day except preparation day.
  303. Missionaries must arise every day at 6:30 AM and retire to bed at 10:30 PM.
  304. Before 10 AM, missionaries must study the scriptures individually and with their companion.
  305. Missionaries must study a foreign language from 30 to 60 minutes each morning if they are learning a new language.
  306. If a missionary goes to a doctor, the visit must be authorized by the mission president.
  307. Missionaries may only listen to church-approved music.
  308. Missionaries must always be with their companions throughout each day and night.
  309. Husbands should preside in their homes with love.
  310. Husbands should provide for their families.
  311. Mothers are primarily responsible to nurture their children.
  312. Extended family should help when needed.
  313. Parents should teach their children to love and serve each other.
  314. Parents should teach their children to keep the commandments.
  315. Parents should teach their children to be law-abiding citizens.
  316. Marriage should only be between one man and one woman.
  317. Eat meat sparingly.
  318. Avoid the appearance of evil.
  319. Do not be idle.
  320. Be reverent when you attend Sacrament meeting and Primary.
  321. The Church recommends that you marry someone of your same racial and socioeconomic background.
  322. Firearms are prohibited at Church.
  323. Sustain the First President and twelve apostles of the Church as prophets, seers, and revelators.
  324. Pray that the missionaries will find and baptize new converts.
  325. Pray daily that you can find people who will join the Church.
  326. Pray daily to find people you can serve.
  327. Pray daily for God's forgiveness.
  328. Ask for forgiveness from those who have offended.
  329. Do not envy others.
  330. Avoid contention.
  331. Make your home a sacred space.
  332. Seek learning by study and faith.
  333. Have faith that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God.
  334. Have faith that Joseph Smith restored the true Church to the earth.
  335. Do not worry.
  336. Be punctual, especially for Sacrament Meeting.
  337. Study the words of modern prophets and apostles.
  338. Be faithful in fulfilling all Church assignments.
  339. Avoid immoral social media content.
  340. Become an expert in the Family Search app.
  341. Study scriptures stories of great prophets and emulate their qualities.
  342. Rescue and love those who stray from the Church.
  343. Look to Christ in every thought.
  344. Fear not.
  345. Keep the covenants you make at the temple.
  346. Obey everything that leaders ask you to do.
  347. Be willing to give everything that you have to the Church.
  348. Promise to consecrate all of your time and talents to the Church.
  349. Pray for your Church leaders regularly by name.
  350. If you have a choice between two goods, choose the better good.
  351. Be willing to sell everything you have to go to the temple.
  352. Put the needs of others ahead of your own.
  353. Speak about the temple with reverence.
  354. Youth should prepare to marry in the temple.
  355. Have integrity in all that you do.
  356. Only a family with a male husband and a female wife is ordained of God.
  357. Only those who are sealed in the temple to their spouse and keep all of the commandments can go to the highest heaven (celestial kingdom.)
  358. All members, married or unmarried, should strive for the ideal of living eternally as a family.
  359. All Aaronic Priesthood holders should participate in the Duty to God program.
  360. All young women should participate in the Personal Progress program.
  361. Children should obey their parents.
  362. Profess that the Church is the only true Church.
  363. Believe that the Church is the restored Church that Jesus Christ created.
  364. No other baptism is accepted in the LDS Church.
  365. Acknowledge that truth can be found in other religions but that the LDS Church has the fullness of truth.
  366. Believe that a testimony includes faith in Jesus Christ and in Joseph Smith as a prophet who restored the truth Church and translated the Book of Mormon, which is the most correct book of Scripture.
  367. Admit that Joseph Smith taught that all other creeds or religions (except the LDS Church) are an abomination in God’s sight.
  368. Accept that there are three degrees of glory, the celestial, the terrestrial, and the telestial.
  369. Consult with your bishop before having a tubal ligation or vasectomy.
  370. Childbearing should not be delayed for convenience.
  371. Have as many children as you are physically and emotionally able to raise.
  372. If you join another Church, you are in apostasy and can be excommunicated.
  373. The Church does not approve of artificial insemination of single women and disapproves of artificial insemination of semen of anyone but the husband of a married woman.
  374. Astrology should be avoided.
  375. Burial is preferable to cremation.
  376. Deceased persons who are temple-worthy should be buried in their temple clothes.
  377. Members are discouraged from wearing crosses.
  378. Cross should not be placed in chapels of LDS places of worship.
  379. Only a member of the First Presidency can cancel a temple sealing which allows the person to be sealed to another person in the temple.
  380. After you move into a home, a priesthood holder should dedicate it to the Lord.
  381. When a member is buried, a priesthood holder should dedicate the grave.
  382. When you receive a church calling, you should receive a blessing from a member of the bishopric.
  383. When a priesthood holder blesses a sick person, he should anoint the person’s head with consecrated olive oil.
  384. Only priesthood holders can consecrate or bless olive oil for healing blessings.
  385. Easter is celebrated but Lent, Ash Wednesday, and Holy Week is not.
  386. Home gardens, canning, and sewing are encouraged for LDS women.
  387. Members should obtain medical, life, and health insurance when it is available.
  388. Euthanasia is forbidden.
  389. Excommunicated members who are deceased may not have their temple work completed without the approval of a member of the First Presidency.
  390. Worthy Melchizedek priesthood holders should give their wives and children blessings when appropriate.
  391. The LDS Church opposes feminism when it emphasizes female sufficiency apart from men.
  392. Members of the LDS Church can now be Masons.
  393. Do not participate in government-run lotteries.
  394. Support constitutional government.
  395. Avoid debt.
  396. Do not pray to Heavenly Mother.
  397. Your closest relationship should be with Heavenly Father, not Jesus Christ.
  398. Church members who abuse others should counsel with their bishop.
  399. Little children should not be baptized.
  400. Parents should encourage their children to keep journals.
  401. Avoid litigation.
  402. Avoid sorcery.
  403. Avoid the occult.
  404. Sacrament Meeting musical instruments are limited to piano, organ, harp, some string instruments and the flute.
  405. Brass and percussion instruments are not acceptable for Sacrament Meetings.
  406. A wedding march is unacceptable in a wedding ceremony performed in an LDS church.
  407. Only sacred music, not secular music, is appropriate in a Sacrament Meeting.
  408. Religious music presented in a popular style is not acceptable in Sacrament Meeting.
  409. Civil wedding ceremonies should be simple and conservative.
  410. If a pianist or organist is unavailable for Sacrament Meeting, an electronic recording may be used for the hymns.
  411. Choristers should not routinely shorten hymns in Sacrament Meeting.
  412. Sacramental hymns must be doctrinally correct.
  413. Some appropriate classical music may be included in prelude and postlude music.
  414. Music not included in LDS-authorized books should be approved by the bishop before it is performed in Sacrament Meeting.
  415. Heavenly Father has a body of flesh and bones and is not omnipresent.
  416. The decision to receive a transplanted organ should be made through prayer.
  417. Voluntary organ donation is allowed.
  418. Church finances are confidential and unless required by national law, not open for review by members.
  419. Those whose conduct brings disrepute on the Church may be dealt with his a disciplinary court.
  420. Those who break their covenants may be dealt with his a disciplinary court.
  421. Those who practice polygamy will be excommunicated.
  422. Record your personal history and those of your ancestors.
  423. Become a profound theologian.
  424. The body of an endowed suicide victim may be buried in temple clothing.
  425. Stillborn children will not be resurrected.
  426. There is no repentance from blasphemy against the Holy Ghost and those who do are those who will be consigned to outer darkness or hell.
  427. Ward activities should be gospel centered.
  428. The family is the basic organization of the church.
  429. Practice good sanitation and hygiene.
  430. Control your weight.
  431. Exercise regularly.
  432. Obtain adequate dental care.
  433. Read good books.
  434. Save a portion of your income.
  435. Use a budget.
  436. Be a good neighbor.
  437. No Church activities on Monday, which is reserved for Family Home Evening.
  438. All activities should be opened and closed with prayer.
  439. Sing hymns in the home.
  440. God was once a man.
  441. Lay leaders at the local level are not paid.
  442. The LDS Church has a committee that monitors its members’ critical statements about the Church or about its policies or procedures.
  443. Adam lived in Missouri, where the Garden of Eden was located.
  444. Adam will return to Missouri to turn over priesthood keys before the Second Coming.
  445. The wicked, such as those who don't pay a full tithe, will be removed from the earth when Christ returns.
  446. The righteous of all religions will remain on the earth when Christ returns.
  447. A final great war in the valley of Meggido will occur before Christ returns.
  448. Two special witnesses will preach in Jerusalem and be killed before Christ returns.
  449. Listen to the prophets to prepare for the Second Coming.
  450. No one knows exactly when the Second Coming will happen.
  451. After Jesus died, there was a total apostasy of the Church.
  452. Your responses to questions asked in Church should be respectful and correlated.
  453. The oldest member of the twelve apostles becomes prophet after the prophet dies.
  454. Most Church pageants are now ended.
  455. Members should flood the earth on social media with their testimonies of the restored gospel.
  456. Members may not use or imitate Church logos.
  457. Adoption should be processed through licensed authorities.
  458. Audiovisual materials may not be used in Sacrament Meeting.
  459. Do not seek autographs of Church general authorities.
  460. The King James edition of the Bible is the only acceptable version.
  461. Do not rewrite the Book of Mormon into modern language.
  462. Church members should have Church magazines in their homes.
  463. Do not violate Church copyrights which are protected by law.
  464. Generally members are encouraged to remain in their native lands.
  465. Do not distribute directories for commercial or political purposes.
  466. Missionaries should not ask their families or friends to sponsor a member who wants to emigrate to another country.
  467. For Church meetings, speakers should reside in the local ward.
  468. Members should not write or call General Authorities about doctrinal or personal matters.
  469. Consider running for political office.
  470. Do not attend symposia that detract from the Church's mission.
  471. Do not alter the temple garments.
  472. Dispose of temple garments by cutting them up appropriately.
  473. Church facilities may not be rented or leased for commercial purposes.
  474. The serving area in the Church is not intended for food preparation.
  475. Do not participate in hypnosis for entertainment.
  476. Do not participate in self-awareness groups.
  477. Single expectant parents should go to the bishop to start the repentance process.
  478. Sperm donation is discouraged.
  479. Surrogate motherhood is discouraged.
  480. Obey the laws of the land where they travel.
  481. Post only civil, praiseworthy messages on social media.
  482. Seek answers to problems through prayer and scripture study.
  483. Seek employment that is consistent with gospel principles.
  484. Before baptism, the person must be interviewed by the bishop or full-time missionary.
  485. General authorities should not apologize about past Church practices.
  486. No lethal weapons can be brought onto Church property.
  487. Flags may be flown on Church meetinghouse property.
  488. Missionaries are called elder or sister.
  489. Missionaries should not use slang.
  490. Do not vape.
  491. Do not submit names of famous people or Jewish holocaust survivors for temple work.
  492. No pictures of Christ may be places in chapel.
  493. No oral sex.
  494. No anal sex.
  495. No sex with animals.
  496. Love and serve your fellow ward members.
  497. Take meals to the sick.
  498. Love God with all your heart, might, mind, and strength.
  499. Love your neighbor as yourself.
  500. Spend Sundays at Church and with family.
  501. Do not embarrass others.
  502. Do not slander another.
  503. Mourn with those that mourn.
  504. Comfort those that stand in need of comfort.
  505. Trust in the Lord with all your heart.
  506. Be witnesses of God in all times and places.
  507. Become as a little child.
  508. Believe in the goodness of God.
  509. Believe that God created all things in heaven and earth.
  510. Forsake your sins.
  511. Do not injure others.
  512. Live peaceably with all mankind.
  513. Help the needy.
  514. Covenant with God to do His will.
  515. Perform good works.
  516. Do not associate with apostates.
  517. Gender is an eternal condtion.
  518. All humans, male and female, are created in God’s image.
  519. Do not kidnap a person.
  520. Do not use the Church or your position in the Church to sell an item or product.
  521. Be pure in heart.
  522. Be merciful.
  523. Be a peacemaker.
  524. Hunger and thirst after righteousness.
  525. Be courageous.
  526. Suffer affliction with faith.
  527. Let your light shine.
  528. Have a broken heart and a contrite spirit.
  529. Do not be angry with another person.
  530. Do not lust.
  531. Take up your cross daily and follow God.
  532. Keep your promises.
  533. Give to those that ask of you.
  534. Bless those who curse you.
  535. Turn the other cheek.
  536. Do good to those who despitefully use you.
  537. Do your alms in secret.
  538. Do not lay up for yourself treasures on earth.
  539. Seek first the kingdom of God.
  540. Do not be a hypocrite.
  541. Do not abuse children.
  542. Do not partake of the sacrament unworthily.
  543. Fellowship new converts.
  544. Do not be lascivious.
  545. Do not wear costly apparel.
  546. Do not be rebellious.
  547. Do not murmur or complain.
  548. Respect your leaders.
  549. Trust that faith precedes a miracle.
  550. Remember the teachings of Christ.
  551. Listen and obey your leaders.
  552. Be filled with the pure love of God.
  553. Deny yourself of all ungodliness.
  554. Ask and you will receive.
  555. Be exceedingly glad.
  556. Be wise as serpents.
  557. Be harmless as doves.
  558. Be thankful.
  559. Be content with your wages.
  560. Be faithful servants.
  561. Be temperate.
  562. Avoid troublemakers.
  563. Be of good cheer.
  564. Be fully converted.
  565. Have a mighty change of heart.
  566. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
  567. Be given to hospitality.
  568. Be strong in the Lord.
  569. Be anxious for nothing.
  570. Be a partaker in Christ's suffering.
  571. Be holy in conversation.
  572. Be sober and vigilant.
  573. Be not weary in well doing.
  574. Do not be lazy.
  575. Care for the widows and fatherless.
  576. Do violence to no one.
  577. Give thanks to God.
  578. Give cheerfully.
  579. Have no respect of persons.
  580. Go the second mile.
  581. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  582. Have a good conscience.
  583. Let you conversation be yea, yea, and nay, nay; make no oaths.
  584. Let your enemies have your cloak.
  585. Let peace rule your heart.
  586. Develop and share your spiritual gifts.
  587. Be swift to hear and slow to speak.
  588. Let nothing be done in strife.
  589. Shun evil.
  590. Seek peace and pursue it.
  591. Do not let sin reign in your body.
  592. Rejoice in hope.
  593. Put on the helmet of salvation.
  594. Take on the sword of the Spirit.
  595. Take heed not to backslide.
  596. Abhor what is evil.
  597. Confess your faults to one another.
  598. Harden not your hearts.
  599. Overcome evil with good.
  600. Endure persecution well.
  601. Render no evil for evil.
  602. Strengthen your feeble knees.
  603. Lay up treasures in heaven.
  604. Judge not, that you are not judged.
  605. Beware of false prophets.
  606. Do not pray to impress others.
  607. End disputes quickly.
  608. When you fast, do it secretly.
  609. Do not give holy things to those who will not appreciate them.
  610. Feed the hungry, clothe the naked.
  611. Follow the narrow path.
  612. Do not take the name of God in vain.
  613. Do not hate anyone.
  614. Do not let anyone lead you astray.
  615. Endure to the end.
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