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Women Must Serve Men Worthyness Interviews Humor Jesus Did he even exist at all? Hinkley Mormons believe in a different Jesus Jesus was “naturally begotten” Jesus' Writings Jesus, is he necessary? Mormon Jesus Jews Joseph Smith Animal Sacrifice Carthage Jail Shooting Could Joseph Smith Have Written The Book of Mormon? Dog Sacrifice Emma tries to kill Joseph Not Once But Twice! Finding the Plates Joseph Running With the Plates... Joseph Smith Church History Joseph Smith dressed up like an angel Joseph Smith Left out Christ from the name of the church Joseph Smith Papers Court Record Joseph Smith's Last Letter Judgement Day Masturbator in Chief Surely the prophet can translate! Tarred and Feathered LGBT Apostle Says you can Like it Brussels sprouts Gay Marriage Interfering With the Law Same Sex Marriage - Prop 8 Suicide in Utah No VIP Mormon Heaven for YOU! The church doesn't hurt people-List of quotes against LGBTQ over the years. (ABT 1970's-2010) Thought some of you might find this useful, ot Paid Clergy Patriarchial Blessings Pharasites Pioneers Sacrficed for Money Polygamy 10 year olds Ages Allegation of abortions Burden Of Proof Other Accounts of Abortions Dirty, Nasty, Filthy Affair Emma Smith Indians become White and Delightsome Joseph Liar Monogamy Bad Sex with his wives Minors SEX! The Fuckening Prophets... 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